Monday, January 19, 2015

and that's why there ain't a before picture here!

I just realised I don't share anything with you since November. I am sorry for that. Today I am bringing you another refashion I made for my baby boy, using basicly scraps from previous refashions. if you are anything like me, you save basicly every little scrap and again, having a baby boy is the perfect excuse to use those tiny pieces. 
The shirt was made out of leftovers from the undies and a white t-shirt, and the pants were made with leftovers from a pair of leggings that were cut into shorts. 

read more details about this outfit over House of Estrela.

And by the way, allow me to share a special event that's going to take place on my blog, staring today until next friday. I think you'll all enjoy it! Click through the link to check who the guests are.


Refashion said...

The baby clothes look both cute and practical.

Debbie EOD

Refashion said...
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