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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Effortless purple dress!

It's not always easy to stay warm this time of year. My go-to outfit for Winter is usually thick leggings, a tunic, long cardigan, and boots. So, I was excited when I found this at my fave thrift store for $2:
I loved the color! Also it was perfect for Winter; it's long sleeved, maxi length, and had a turtleneck! Once I got it home, I apparently had a change of heart; because I went ahead and changed all of those things. I lost length from the hem, the sleeves, and the top! Here's the after, with the sash I made from the remnants.

I just couldn't do the turtleneck! Luckily, the purple (which looks different on my monitor than it does in person) is the same. I got several compliments on this color when I wore it to work today. I Googled shades of purple, just for funsies and found that this particular tone is called "pomp and power." Awesome.
Here's the full post, which isn't really necessary...but, I included a 40 second video of a joke about turtlecks! Craft, Thrift, or Die


Bailey Mills said...

I understand the turtleneck thing. I can't do them either. Makes me feel like i'm being strangled.

The finished product, while i'm sure isn't as warm, is much more stylish. :)

prolificprojectstarter said...

Looks lovely

jenny_o said...

That colour IS very nice on you!

cfortin said...

Great dress conversion. Can't beat 2 dollars. :-)

Cindy EOD
Upcycled Design Lab