Monday, January 12, 2015

Refashion of a knitted top

This home knitted top, that I found in a thrift shop, was brand new. I loved the colour, but the top needed some work to become wearable.
It seemed to be brand new, but maybe the knitter wasn't satisfied with the top.

It was wide and shapeless on me.
So I took it in at the sides.

The neck opening was sort of unfinished, so I fnished it.

Two of the buttons was placed wrong. I removed them and sewed them back on, so they matched the buttonholes.

And lastly there was a number of errors in the knitting: Purled stitches in areas of knitted stiches, dropped stiches picked up badly, holes and bad weaving in of ends.
I embroidered on top of the stitches with a matching green yarn (i mimicked the stitches in the embroidery) to cover the flaws. It worked out better than I had hoped. Not completely invisible now, but close. E.g. here:

All in all I am satisfied with the finished product.


Refashion said...

So much better and more flattering now. I love that colour green too :)

Debbie EOD

jenny_o said...

You really did a nice job on this.