Sunday, January 25, 2015

Silk Skirt to Elegant Evening Bag

Hello Everyone!

.One of my latest transformations has been to take this way too skinny silk beaded skirt and turn it into an elegant evening bag.  Here is the finished product. IMG_2762



.It all started with a skirt that was gorgeous but it was too tight. I had planned to make 2 bags but the bottom beaded portion did not allow for 2 of them big enough to make the proper size bag. This was because the skirt itself was uneven from side to side.


.I closed the bottom and the side seam first. Then I used the center section of the skirt to create the lining and a tab closure. The lining is the wrong side of the skirt fabric, and I purchased the cording and the frog closure for finishing. It was all pinned and sewn together in one step. Here it is ready to sew the lining closed and turn it to the inside.


.Here is the lining turned to the inside. 


IMG_2749 (1)

Add the frog closure and call it done!



Love Ya, Mary

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Carissa said...

That fabric is beautiful, and the beaded fringe is so cute! It seems to suit a purse much better than it did the skirt hem.