Thursday, February 12, 2015

Anthro-Inspired Cloth & Stone Top

It's been FOREVER since I posted a refashion!!! As an editor, I hang my head in shame........

BUT, this one is a fast favorite for me, so I'm hoping you'll agree and forgive me ;).

I started out with this...thing. WOW, is all I can say. But I knew it had to be saved from itself! So it sat in my refashion closet for months. And today, I saved it :)

I took this Cloth & Stone Anthropologie top as my inspiration...and after a bit of seam ripping, cutting and sewing, here's how it turned out!

Definitely brighter, more unique...but I love how it looks and fits now. What do you think? For a further breakdown of the process and more looks at the after, head on over to Little Did You Know!



jennifer elliott said...

Soooo much better! So cute -- I like it paired with the skinny jeans. Amazing as always.

Jennifer Elliott, EOD

American Nanny said...

I hear you on that one Andrea. I too am one of the editors of this blog and while I post over on my blog I find it more difficult to post here on Refashion Co-op.

Gema Ensenat said...

Well that's just stunning, as per usual!! I'm going thru a bit of a sewing lull, don't know where my sewing mojo's gone!! But looking at your posts always helps me feel motivated x