Sunday, February 08, 2015

Cashmere coat reworked

I started out with this chasmere coat, that I saved since last spring to refashion this winter. I thought I'd better get to it, before winter is over.

I took it in at the sides (a lot) and the sleeves.
I shortened the sleeves.
I cut of the loops and buttons, but kept the patches.
I removed the pockets and the sleeve straps.
Lastly I cut of most of the hood to remake it into a stand collar.

I really like the coat now, except for one thing: The pockets.
I had planned for simple, flat leather pockets to replace the original ones, that I thought was too voluminous. But I don't like the look with the leather (in the picture the pockets are only pinned onto the coat): They are ok, but they steal too much attention from the coat (and are too steampunk-ish).

But what fabric then, to use for the pockets? I can't leave the coat pocket-less, since the seamlines from the pockets are lighter in colour than the coat. Lace wasn't really me, contrasting patchwork fabric didn't look right either. I considered just putting ribbon on the seamlines for a modern comment on pockets,

Right now I think that pockets in crazy patchwork might be the thing. Here is a quick visual, where I just pinned random scraps to the pocket area.
(the 'tattered lace' look is not intentional. I plan to make simple, flat pockets).

What colour(s) or which fabric do you think would look good with this coat?


Toni said...

What if you took the pockets you removed without the flaps, and then trimmed them across the top with the black leather. I like the black look but you are right that it's a little distracting with do much.

RenataLaura said...

I would keep the pockets red, maybe make some out of a red tweed so it's just different texture rather than colour? Or a dark grey

Fran said...

No no! The flap pockets are classic with the duffle coat style!
Leave them, or, at most, remove the flaps, just to leave a slit pocket............nothing to distract from the classic lines.

Carissa said...

I agree with the other commenters. I'd keep the original pockets and just remove the flaps, or maybe do a differently textured red fabric. I really like your other changes though - the re-fitting, collar, and button removal. Great job so far!