Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Creating in February

Hi there, I'm back again with 2 new posts on my blog.

First a new (thrifted) sweater for my girl.
I buy a lot of her clothes online on e-bay. Cheap and a lot to choose from. Downsize is that you can't always see the right shape....

This is before and you can see that it's to short for it's width...

Now it fits her just in time to finish this winter season and she probably will wear it in spring to!

(she was sick on this picture...)

And there was a pajama that didn't fit well after washing it!
Before the shirt was to wide and to short...

I made the shirt smaller ánd added a piece of shirt at the bottom.

This time no modeling with the shirt since it's for hubby <3

Greetings from the Netherlands,
Joke Vermanen


RanchHouse said...

Hi Joke,
I like seeing that you are refashioning for the children in the family also. Thanks for sharing.

Mary @ RanchHouse Editor of the Day (EOD)

g.satansbraten said...

Hmmm, YOU'd be a good choice of mine for 'adoptive mother' as well ;-) :-D !!!

Never mind if you've to reject me - probably due to not blending in tooo nicely as the cheeky critter I'm - YET, I'd be good in helping you with a few 'refashions'; prooooomised (= innocent puppy eyed smiley to be placed here)

Good luck and have a nice time and hearya again,

Speedy recovery for the young Lady in the pic.; looks here a bit like a 'towel with a strengthening dowel' in to avoid a collapse ^^.