Sunday, March 01, 2015

Dye Job

I had the skirt in my refashion pile forever. My plan was to dye it so that I would have a solid black skirt that would be a versatile item in my wardrobe. So I prepared the skirt and tossed into a boiling pot of Rit black dye. I also had a lighweight gauzy scarf that I havent worn because  pink is not my color so I decided to throw it into the dye bath too.
The outcome was not what I wanted because the end result was purple and not black. I think I will use the skirt for other projects as the print feels a bit young for me. I do like how the scarf turned out, so it is not a total loss. 
Skirt before
scarf before



jennifer elliott said...

I actually love the purple floral skirt! Very cute.

g.satansbraten said...

Yea, like the result as well - back to the 'drawing board' and having another close up look yourself?

And a serious question btw.: what does it mean "... print feels a bit young ..." It's a serious print/pattern for me, means: no small flowers still looking squareish due to their arrangement; no childish fairies; no (perhaps dated) themes from a movie = I'm looking and looking for what's wrong with them and can't find anything.
... and it hasn't got any ruffles and tires either; length seems o.k. as well - it's actually (for mho, sorry) closer to a classic then many many others.

LG, Gerlinde;
with probably 'wrong eyes' YET: YOURS count in YOUR life!
(despite still wondering and scratching my head in astonishment; sorry)

Sandy said...

Most times black dye is made up of several colours. And some fabrics receive part of the blend better than other parts.

If you don't like the skirt, maybe you can cut it along the panel lines vertically and stitch them together to make a scarf. Or even horizontally and you will have the strips breaking up the flowers.

One more idea, as you already are not keen on it, is to over dye with brown and it will give the purple a more grown up look.
Sandy in the UK

Carissa said...

I really like the purple skirt, actually, and the scarf too. I'm sorry you don't. Maybe you could fold it in half, sew the bottom hem to the waistband, and make it into an infinity scarf.


J said...

Thanks for the comments - I think the original black and white print reminded me of a coloring book page, maybe that is why I see it as a 'young print'? I like the idea of trying brown dye. I will see how it goes