Thursday, February 26, 2015

Long skirt refashion.

Hi! I'm Cristina, an Italian seamstress with the passion for refashion!! 
I'm so glad to share with you my work and I hope you like it! 

This is my first refashion! From skirt to asymmetrical dress! 

This is the skirt before the refashion..

...And the asymmetrical dress!

For more photos this is my facebook page : Restyling & Refashion

Have a nice day!! :)


jennifer elliott said...

I love anything asymmetrical! Great refashion. And welcome to the site!

Jennifer Elliott, EOD

jennifer elliott said...

P.S. Don't forget to add your username -- Chicca -- in the label area when posting your refashion! Because when you look at the list of Current Associates (on the left), your lovely username should be on the list (if I did my job correctly) with the number of posts you've published! :)

Cristina Guarnieri said...

Thanks a bunch Jennifer!!! :)

Lovenicky said...

This is really lovely. Great job!