Friday, February 20, 2015

No more milkmaid -dress

I just needed an apron and a coif, and I was ready to star in Little House On The Prairie. However, the dress had some good things going for it: It fit me perfectly. It was plaid. And it was green. I love green.

So I gave it a new life:
First I shortened it.Then I removed the sleeves.
I turned it around, so the back became the front. Because of the princess seams, the dress still fit nicely over the bust.
I cut a fitting neckline and hemmed the edge.

The dress can be styled in a lot of ways. For a day at the office, like here.
Or with a pair of big boots and an oversize suit coat ot make it grunge.
Or with a white cardigan and high heels for a summer party.
I could even style it as a 50s girl's dress with pettiskirt, sneakers and a knitted cardigan. 
I like how versatile it is.

If anyone wonders, how I button the buttons in the back: I leave all buttons buttoned, except the three ones at the waist. I slip the dress over my head and easily button those three buttons.



Anonymous said...

Great transformation! Your new dress is so versatile!

Sandy said...

Brilliant solution for the buttoning up. The change from the original is amazing.
Sandy in the UK

Amy Jo said...

Whoa. That original dress was.....interesting. Was it hand made? It looks like something the Amish community might wear.

Andrea said...

Love that you turned this around...literally, and style-wise! Lovely green also :) It's my favorite color!

Andrea EOD

Kathy W. said...

I LOVE it! From frumpy to FAB!