Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Shirt to Dress

Before I did my last post here, I took an inventory of the items I have in my refash stash. I had 29 things that I need/want to tackle. (If you really want to see all 29 items, click here.)

I got a new-to-me overlock sewing machine that I had the perfect project to learn how to use it on.
So exciting!
I decided to tackle a simple project. Turn an adult size medium shirt into a dress for my toddler. 
The spaghetti straps were falling off, and the decorative roses were barely hanging on.
I removed the straps and straggly roses, then sewed new side seams and added some grossgrain ribbon. It took me less than half an hour to make a beautiful new dress for my daughter!

Striking a pose.
Now we just need some warm weather so she can wear it out!

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RanchHouse said...

Hi Bailey,
Thanks for sharing this refashion for the little one.
Mary @ RanchHouse
Editor of the Day (EOD)