Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Six Ways to Resize a T-Shirt

Hi all!

I'm running a little series on my blog this week on various T-shirt reconstruction techniques. Today I posted about resizing the t-shirts themselves. All of the t-shirts shown below just show the resizing techniques - more is done to each of them by the end, but I think these all look really cool as they are in this stage too!

The first one is resized by taking in the sides and the sleeves with one seam:

The second one is resized by removing the sleeves, then resizing the width as well as the armholes:

This one is a no-sew option where you cut straight down the sides of the t-shirt and cut tabs into it...then tie the tabs together!

This one doesn't actually resize the torso of the shirt, but rather attaches a fitted waistband to the bottom with some fun pleating to create sort of a drop-waist tee look:

For this one, after taking in the sides using the second method above, I lengthened it by adding a contrasting panel to the middle:

Finally, I made a simple tube top (which I never wear normally but wanted to include it for those who like those!):

Full tutorials for each of these methods is on my blog post from today.

I'm really proud of what I did with this series - I'll post highlights from tomorrow's post when it goes up. That one is going to talk about necklines!

Hope you enjoy!


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cfortin said...

I really like your idea to put a fitted band on the bottom. I love to work with t-shirts myself so I might have to give that one a try myself.

Cindy - EOD
Upcycled Design Lab