Thursday, February 05, 2015

SWEATER FIX: Just add lace

I've had this lovely purple sweater for a few years, but through the winters, I kind of just toss the sweater into my normal laundry load.


Anyway, either I've gained a bit of weight or the washing machine worked its shrinking magic, the sweater is just a teeny bit too small. Not terribly small, but small enough for me to feel uncomfortable.


Anyway, I grabbed some lace from my stash and inserted a triangular piece into the side. The new side pieces make the sweater a bit longer -- more like a tunic now -- but I still love it.


The lace adds a little bit of pop to the solid color, and I have plenty more lace for future projects. Unless I gain more weight, the sweater should last a few more winters!


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Jennifer Elliott

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jennifer elliott said...

Please ignore the toilet paper roll and the dirty mirror.

Jennifer Elliott, EOD