Monday, February 09, 2015

Sweatshirt from too little to just right

I just HAD to have this sweatshirt, that I found in a thrift shop. I loved the colours and patterning. I don't usually wear sweatshirts, but I really liked this one. Unfortunately it was a size XS, and I am a size S/M. It was uncomfortably tight.

To prove how much I like this garment: When I couldn't find any matching fabric in my stash to widen the sweatshirt with, I broke my refashion rule no. 1: Not buying anything extra to complete a refashion. I admit in shame that I bought two pieces of matching jersey fabric, one in fuchsia and one neon green ;-).

I added strips of the jersey fabric at the seams, and now the sweatshirt looks like this.
I chose to use two different colour fabrics to keep in line with the multicoloured-ness of the sweatshirt. And hopefully make the it look like it was originally made like this.
See HERE for the details of the refashion (in English at the bottom).

My beloved sweatshirt is now 14 cm (5,5") wider around the body and 8 cm (3,1") wider around the sleeves. Much better, now I can actually breathe when I wear it.


Refashion said...

That sweatshirt has great colours, I an see why you were drawn to it and I love the way you enlarged it

Debbie EOD

Anonymous said...

What a great refashion and how lucky to find such great colour matches to make the extension pieces.

jenny_o said...

This turned out very well - it looks like it was originally made that way. Sometimes rules need to be broken :)

AngieHandmade said...

Love that pattern, too! Totally worth saving, and you did a great job.

Beth said...

Man a good "size up" resize doesn't come around too often! Yours is great!

Saga said...

Expect more of those Beth, I have been given a big bag of size XS and S clothes.

Therese said...

Well done, looks great! I often am in the same predicament and know how it feels to find something you like but in to small a size!