Friday, February 06, 2015

The Mystery of the Missing Pockets

Hello lovlies!

It's a gloomy day here and I wanted to remember the glory of being able to wear dresses and sandals.  This is a refashion from late last summer that began with this cute little number.

It had some weird things going on.  If you can see (through the crazy pattern) there are pocket flaps on the top... but there are no pockets.  Maybe they were for decoration? Or to add a little pizzaz? Who knows, either way they were the first thing to go.  I took off the sleeves and spent a lengthy process trying to make the top more fitted (this was my second refashion EVER, so it was definitely a lot of trial and error).  Long story short, I chopped the skirt (a wee bit too short) and ended up with this cute outfit!

It looks cute in the picture, but let me tell you it was a pain in the patootie (check out the original post for all the deets).  Sometimes refashioning is hard (can I get an amen?), especially when you're first starting out.  Don't get discouraged and don't be afraid to try things and have to fix them later!  Have a lovely day!


Andrea said...

Oh so much better and I hear you on the process...sometimes it takes a while and many mistakes, but this was worth it! Great color on you.

Andrea EOD

jennifer elliott said...

I love the color and all the pleats. Great save.