Friday, February 06, 2015

They put what on a button down shirt?

Hi everyone,
I am slowly getting back to blogging and sewing. And when I mean slowly, I mean slowly. Some of my last refashions from last year of my 99 refashion challenge are also making my blog. Life has just been that crazy and busy.

Today is just a quick refashion.... I found this awesome denim long button down but it just did not hang right on me. It was so frustrating. The shirt sort of floated at my hip and waist area.
The reason why was due to the fact they put in POCKETS. Yes POCKETS! In a BUTTON down top! No matter how much steam and ironing I did to this shirt, it always floated. Grr. The easy solution was to sew it out. Poof. Problem solved. Seriously, I did nothing else to this top- no slimming or whatever. I just took out the pockets. For more information on this simple refashion click here.



Andrea said...

Incredible that all it took was removing the pockets! Now you've got the perfect oversized top :) Love it with those leggings!

Andrea EOD

jennifer elliott said...

Remove the pockets?!? That's all you had to do?!? Crazy and awesome at the same time. Love it.