Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Bangkok Refashion

Hi Everyone!

Man, my posts have been few and far between - but I have a few good ones coming up! This is one I found in Thailand for a little under $5! It was surprisingly difficult to hem (and definitely didnt come out perfectly )

Does anyone have tips on hemming circle skirts?

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!


Sandy said...

Have you seen tutorials about cutting a circle skirt? Like from a tablecloth or vintage sheet?
You can mark the hem in a similar a large pair of compasses. A length of string with a pin at one end and a piece of chalk at the other end...the length you want from waist to hem.
fold the skirt in quarters - half then half again - push pin end of string into something pin-able at the waist. Then draw a big arc with the will be a quarter circle. You can cut through all layers. Jut make sure you add hem length either to your string at the beginning or to the length of the skirt below the chalk line before cutting.

If there are too many pleats or folds to get a nice line when folded in quarters, you can do it folded in half.
If you decide to do the pin at the very top corner of the quartered circle, you need to add the corner to waistband length to your string or it will be too short.

Lots more can be discovered if you google cutting a circle skirt...there are Maths involved when you want to use that technique to cut the waist. you need to be sure to leave a seam allowance and stuff like that!
Sandy in the UK

RanchHouse said...

I know that the hem cannot be very deep unless you fold or gather the edge. Great picture. Thanks for sharing. Mary @ Ranch House EOD