Sunday, March 01, 2015

Lace tablecloth to an awesome skirt

I found this lace tablecloth that I didn't think it was round, I somehow missed that at the thrift store. Oops! I dyed it 2 different RIT dye colors (denim blue and dark green) to get rid of the white and tan colors. My original plan was to turn it into a top but I cut the neck hole too big. When I sighed in dismay, the top fell to my hips and I realized this would be a perfect circle skirt! And thus it became this awesome skirt!

I am so happy I turned it into a skirt. It is so fun to twirl in! This marks the end of my 99 refashion challenge I set last year. This year I have been really busy with work and also been working on some bigger projects like a tshirt quilt (oh yeah and the entire month of February I have been and am sick) that I haven't done many refashions. I hope to get back to sewing :)

For more on this refashion click here.


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Carissa said...

I'm sure it would've been cute as a top too, but I *love* how this skirt turned out! Sorry you've been busy and sick recently. :(