Monday, March 16, 2015

Little fixes to a corduroy coat

A green corduroy coat that a friend gave me. I liked most things about it, but the sleeves were too long for me (as always) and I thought the collar and lapels were too big.

I removed the collar, cut it in half lengthways and reattached it again.
I cut out triangles of the lapels to make them smaller.
I shortened the sleeves. I had to remove the sleeve tabs when I shortened the sleeves, and instead of reattaching them, I used them to create a mock belt  The buttons button onto coat button no. 2.
(the coat already had a...ehhh.... "waist tab"? from side to side around the back, so I just finished the circle).

I look forward to use it, when spring comes. A few simple changes, and I like it a lot better now.
Blogpost: Spring Coat

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Refashion said...

Those adjustments make the coat look much better. I love the color too.