Friday, March 20, 2015

Some little fixes for grandmas sheath dress

Hallo meine lieben Refashionistas,

das Wochenende steht vor der Tür und ich habe heute ein kleines Dress-Refashion-Projekt für euch.

As you may know I am a vintagelover - especially clothes my relatives have worn before. So today I want to show you an old sheath dress from my grandma that only needed some small fixes. (Too bad I don't have any pic of her wearing it, yet...)

See all steps and more pics on my blog.

CU, Nina :)


Saga said...

Just the little touch it need to be updated, nice.

Und ich mag deiner refashions sehr
(what is the German word for refashion? Um-nähen?).
I should really follow you blog, just to get a chance to use my German. I use English all the time here everywehere on the internet, but my German is really rusty.

Andrea said...

So worth saving! I love this floral print and that its family vintage :)

Andrea EOD