Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Summer skirt to twirl in

Hov funny, today I have made a refashion identical to the one Liochka posted today (this one).

A children's dress. I am usually not into flowers and butterflies (which this print has), but this print was just lovely: Cute without being all princessy and pink.

I removed the top of the dress, and sewed on an elastic, turned it to the wrong side and stitched it down. Done. It took 10 minutes.

I was worried if I had anything to match it with, but it seems to match everything. Nice. 
(By the way, the skirt does have a lining. It is tight on me, but is fortunately in a knitted fabric).

 Well ok, I admit it, I do feel a little tiny bit girly twirly in it ;-)

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g.satansbraten said...

;-) Fair enough, even the more grown up fairies deserve some girly twirly moments - mho!
I'm just yearning for something similar after minutes before having had a very disbelieving look down at myself to realise (agaiiin = thought that's over and done in the new house ) full of sawdust, glue and blood from wounds I'd better do up myself a tad before I even dare to touch the computer for a break ^^!
I've to admit: you girls got me onto an idea for something similar - thanks!

LG, Gerlinde
suspecting a veeeery easy altogether clean up for me at the end of this day - yet still to be invented: THE washing machine to hop in cloths and all; soaking usually necessary for me :-o yet 'gentle spin only' thought after since worn out already ;-)

cfortin said...

Such a pretty new skirt.

Cindy - EOD
Upcycled Design Lab

cucicucicoo: ecological living said...

Wow! What size was the dress to begin with? It looks pretty small, but maybe it's just hard to tell from the picture. I never would've imagined that one of my daughter's old dresses could become a skirt for me! And from the pictures here, it doesn't look too girly at all! Nice job! :) Lisa

Saga said...

It was 128 cl. That would equal about 8 years old in a Scandinavian child, maybe 10 yo in countries where people are smaller.
The pleats helped giving it some extra width.
And fortunately I am size S in the waist.

cucicucicoo: ecological living said...

Ah, that explains it! I am definitely not size S in the waist! :)

g.satansbraten said...

... Ladies, some short skirts for young girls are even nice to be converted into tops (for not so 'weeell-jugged'* maturer Ladies ;-) !)

LG, Gerlinde

* slang for 'not much breasts' ?