Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sweatshirt to Market Tote

I had this sweatshirt loitering in my wardrobe. Too many tumbles in a too hot dryer had left it a little less slouchy on me than I would have liked! A few quick cuts and minimal sewing later...and I turned it into a tote bag that now houses my ever growing stash of T Shirt yarn! My current obsession!

It's sturdier than a standard t shirt bag and I found a way to  use the ribbing to reinforce the handles :)

Get the full step by step here!


Kathy W. said...

I LOVE this project! Totally copying this!

Portia Lawrie said...

Thanks Kathy! Copy away, lol! Px

jennifer elliott said...

I have an obsession with totes and cute bags. Great tutorial.

Jennifer Elliott, EOD

P.S. I hope you don't mind that I've been posting your refashions to the Refashion Co-op's Instagram site. :)

Portia Lawrie said...

Of course I don't Jennifer :) Thank you!