Friday, March 27, 2015

T-shirt and skirt to dress

Finally I gave it a go at this refashion classic.
A dress that had become too tight in the chest area, and a fitted white T-shirt (I forgot a before picture, but you know how they look).

I cut of the bottom of the T-shirt, and the top of the dress, and sewed them together.
Picture tutorial of the proces HERE.

I have tried this type of refashion a few years ago (actually I think it was one of my first tries in refashion), but didn't think it look good, because the two different types of fabric didn't play well together.
So this time i added a fabric belt (I had made the dress myself and had a remant of the fabric in my stash), and it makes all the difference.

The finished dress......or so I thought. The original dress had gathers at the front, and when I put on my refashioned dress, I remembered (first then) that it made me look very pregnant.
Sucking my belly in like crazy
Second try: I cut the pieces apart, turned the skirt around to make the back the front, since the back didn't have gathers, and sewed the pieces back together.
I became a little short, but no more mommy-tummy showing.

This was such an easy an quick refashion (not counting my minor mishap in). I am definitely doing this again, and recommending it to beginner refashioners.

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Anielska Aniela... said...

That's extremely usefull tutorial for me,great job and thank you !

Andrea said...

The gathers didn't look too bad straight on, but I know the way they can look when they're right over the mommy tummy. Smart thinking to detach it and turn it around! Shorter, yes, but not too short, imo. Great save on the dress!

Andrea EOD