Monday, March 02, 2015

That's a wrap

This old, slightly stretched out cardigan had the sleeves removed then sat on Dorothea for a while while I thought about what to do with it. It would have been easy enough to just hem the armholes and add a few darts but I do like a good zero-waste refashion, don't you?

I sliced the sleeves into into two pieces, then divided the second sleeve into four sections as above then stitched the six bits together at their ends to make a peplum/wrap belt 'thingie'. I also trimmed the neckline into a 'V'.

I stitched the belt to the lower edge of the cardigan, adding a little pleat at the back to ease the fullness a bit.

Technically not zero-waste as I have the button placket leftover, but that might come in useful for something or other. Ya never know.



Anonymous said...

much more stylish

Refashion said...

That is a much much much better shape now

Debbie EOD