Monday, March 02, 2015

Velvet Skirt to Palazzo Pant!

Hi all!

Last weekend I turned this dramatic crushed velvet skirt:

Into even more dramatic palazzo pants!

It was pretty simple. I just folded the skirt in half and laid an existing pair of pajama pants over the top to get a template for the crotch:

Then I cut out a the crotch seams and then straight down the middle of the skirt:

Then sewed these bad boys up to make some pretty awesome pants!

I have more pictures and a funny story about why I shouldn't have made them so wide on my blog.



Refashion said...

Those are very dramatic palazzo pants love them

Debbie EOD

Beth said...

Thanks Debbie! I am trying to incorporate more drama into my wardrobe - you know, to match the drama in my life! LOL

primcreek said...

LOVE em!!!!! They look like the most comfortable pants every and that is a big plus in my book.