Wednesday, April 08, 2015

5 pairs of trousers refashion

Several years ago I decided to boycout trousers and jeans altogether, being angry about the fact that I could never finde any, that fit me.

But now I know how to refashion and alter clothes. So the idea to refashion trousers has grown on me. And I acquired 5 pars of jeans, trousers and capris that fit me around the hips and had a high waist (I have an hourglass figure, and my hips are 1-2 sizes bigger than my waist). 

White capris 
Before: Too wide in the waist.

I did the same with the rest of the trousers, but decided not to put more photos of my bottom in tightftitting trousers out there.

This is how the darts look.

Capri jeans
Before: They fit! But I didn't like the pirate-like cuffs at the bottom.

After: I removed the cuffs and turned up the legs a little.

White linen trousers
Before: Too long, to big in the waist, too wide legs.

I narrowed the legs using this excellent  tutorial, which has an important point: For a good fit, remove more fabric from the back legs than from the front legs.

After: Narrower legs, smaller waist, shorter legs. Skinny dosn't look good on me, and I also have a feeling that wider legs are coming back.

Before: Jeans with very wide legs, too wide in the waist, too long.

I also used the above tutorial here.
After: Narrower legs, shorter and smaller around the waist.

Beofre: NOT too wide, but too long and too big in the waist.

After: Shorter legs and smaller waist. I love them!

Now my closet contains trousers. Wow.


RanchHouse said...

This is a great group of ideas for this time of the year to boost the wardrobe. Thanks for sharing.
Mary @ RanchHouse Wednesday EOD

Sofia Stanidis said...

This is great! I'm inspired to alter some pants now. Thanks for sharing :)