Monday, April 13, 2015

Disco Tank

This polyester blouse from last autumn's clothes swap just screams disco to me. That purple snakeskin-esque print would look great though, if there were just a whole lot less of it.

Disco Tank - Before

I removed shoulder pads, collar, and sleeves. I turned it around so the buttons are in the back. I took in the sides and added bust darts. Then I made a ton of matching bias tape from the sleeve fabric to finish the raw edges. Now it's much less eye-searing.

Disco Tank - After

Disco Tank - After

As always, for details on the whole process and tons more photos, click on over to CarissaKnits!

Disco Tank - Before & After


Refashion said...

I agree less of the print is better - it looks lovely now.
Debbie EOD

mollie.dirig said...

Cute! And so much nicer as a tank. Good job.

g.satansbraten said...

Question: how do you fare with 'darts' in those creations, please?
Do you remove them; only do 'back-to-front' with 'non-darts'; work them out whilst working the armholes anyway?

Otherwise: \../ admiration to an 'old' prof from

Gerlinde with loving greetings

Marisa Glied said...

Awesome idea for a boring button up with an awesome pattern! Plus your tattoos are just darling!

Carissa said...

@Gerlinde, this blouse didn't have darts to begin with and that's ideal for a back-to-front refashion like this. If it did have darts though, I probably would have picked them out and pressed the creases flat before turning the shirt around.

g.satansbraten said...

Thanks and sighsighsigh: at least it happens to others as well with the need of unpicking darts.
Incl. probably adding new ones when the gaps are sometimes opening to wide?

LG, Gerlinde