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Thursday, April 02, 2015

Floral and Stripes

I purchased the striped shirt on clearance and planned to wear it as is but unfortunately I bleached the underarms and it was unwearable. 
                                         I had this floral shirt f o r e v e r and grew tired of it...

                       I cut out  and sewed the back of the striped shirt to the floral shirt. 
I cut the front panel off of the floral shirt instead of using the seam ripper and therefore, was short on fabric. ( I had originally planned to sew the front floral panel to the back of the striped shirt,  but that was a total fail). I then had to add extra fabric to make it work, so I added some of the striped fabric to the front shoulder area. I  also removed the collar. 



jennifer elliott said...

I applaud your courage for mixing florals and stripes together. I become so frustrated when a refashion doesn't turn out the way you planned, but we're creative people and just think of another way. :) In the end, you did a great job!

Jennifer Elliott, EOD

Give the Cat a Name said...

good save!

therefashstash said...

That turned out awesome! I love the stripes and floral! Very unique!