Monday, April 13, 2015

Flouncy Black Skirt

I've had this flirty, fun, black dress for a long time and despite being too small in the chest, I've never been able to part with it because I just love the ruffle down the front of the skirt. So after years of wearing it with a cover up, and finally letting it just sit in the back of the closet, I've finally found a happy solution. Time to chop the top off and turn it into a skirt.

It was hard to get the detail to show, but basically the dress has an empire waist, too small bust for me,
and a fun flouncy ruffle down the front and around the hem. 
I cut the top off just above the empire waist, and then sewed in an elastic waist band. I left a little of the ruffle that went across the chest to hang down over the waist band to hide the middle of the new waist band where the stitching doesn't blend well with the ruffle.

The still-getting-used-to-posing-pose. 

A close-up of the ruffle and hem, and an unfortunate close-up of the unflattering clinging
 and legs that haven't seen sunlight since last summer. 

I'm still debating adding a liner or finding some other solution for the cling-factor, but I'm happy I was able to save this favorite dress and find a way to make it wearable again. 


Eimear Greaney said...

great fix. i got a tight slip (only way i can describe it) i think its supposed to be a minimiser, anyway, its what i wear under clingy stuff as slips would bunch up,

Refashion said...

The skirt looks great, I like the front ruffle

Debbie EOD