Wednesday, April 29, 2015

From EDI to HNL

I took some inspiration from a fellow editor's refashion plan for her tropical adventures end of last year/start of this and refashioned a few things for Himself's and my upcoming Hawai'ian adventures.

First, a refashion of a previous refashion --

The material of this top is quite thin so I always wore something over it here in my decidedly chilly and damp part of the world. Might as well turn it into a summer top, right? Plus it had to go in another half inch at the sides. Yippee!

Next, a too-tight-in-the-arms-now summer top (pay no attention to that elliptical behind the screen):

The elastic at the cuff was the very thing to replace the drawstrings on my pocketbook glasses. Darn things caught on everything in my bag and you had to tie them together to keep the little bag closed.

Since this pair lives in whatever pocketbook I'm carrying, I always sort of forget to do something about it. Today was that day.

This long sleeve white shirt is perfect for wearing over sleeveless tops when the sun is enough to melt the tar on the road, but the pleats, oh the pleats. Ugh. Who wants to spend so much time ironing whilst on vacation?

I pressed them for what is hopefully the last time then stitched 'em down.

And that's how I picked out my navy, grey and white color scheme for packing, which I should probably get back to as we're outta here in 36 hours.


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RanchHouse said...

Exciting!!! I will watch for you to fly over Texas on your way to Hawaii.
I do a lot of sewing when getting ready for travel. And a lot of that is last minute. My 3 weeks of winter/holiday cruises were fun to sew for.
Thanks for sharing your ideas with us, I know I will put them to use.
Mary @ RanchHouse Editor of the day. EOD