Wednesday, April 01, 2015

PIllowcase Bags


I have a thing for pillowcases, especially when they have a flower design and cost just $.99 at the thrift store.  I am growing a little stack of them in my sewing room as I come across them.

I made the blue and white bag first, using the pillow edging for the strap and turning the pillow case into one big boxy shape.  It turned out pretty great, except it is as floppy as you’d expect a pillowcase to be.  There is absolutely no structure to it, but it still functional.

The pink flowery pillowcase was my second version of a pillowcase bag and it’s a BIG improvement.  I ironed stabilizer fabric onto the pillowcase before sewing anything,  which gives it nice structure.  With some creative folding and sewing, this bag has four pockets!  The straps are once again made from the pillowcase edge and I added some funky lace shapes to the edge.

How many pillowcases do YOU have in your fabric/ refashion stash?   Click over the The Little Moments to see how many more I have!


jennifer elliott said...

I have such an obsession with totes and purses and bags! I love the idea refashioning a pillowcase into a cute little bag. Great job.

Jennifer Elliott, EOD

RanchHouse said...

Cute! I am deep cleaning the sewing room and stash. I have sheets and pillowcases. Thanks for the great ideas.
Mary @ RanchHouse Wednesday Editor of the Day (EOD)