Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Quick Sweater Rehab!


Hi Everyone!

It has been too long my friends! But alas! I am back!!! The following is my latest rehab, just a simple one. Both the sweater and the skirt were given to me by a friend. The skirt was a perfect new one, exactly my size! The sweater was a 2X however, and had to be cut down.


The sweater in this picture was in perfect new condition but unfortunately was a 2X.




I saw great potential as a good basic and the knit was a close tight one, thus easy to cut and sew!



Step 1) Once again my sewing professors would shudder, but this is the "Thrifty Chic" talking. I just laid down a favorite t-Shirt and lined up the top of the sleeves and the neck.



Step 2) I cut away the excess under the arms leaving a 1/2" seam allowance under the arms.





Step 3) I pinned the underarms together and made a 1/2" seam followed by a finish with my overlock machine!


Enjoy Everyone!  Til next time!


Annikins said...

I was just wondering where you had got to. It looks very stylish

RanchHouse said...

What a treat! I missed seeing you on the site and I want to shout, "Look who's here!"
I am sure your steps will inspire at least one of us to give this a try.
Mary @ Ranch House
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