Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Red Floral Refash

I picked up this red floral dress for $2 at my favorite thrift shop a couple months ago at their 50% off Presidents' Day Sale.

Red Floral Refash - Before

I removed the shoulder pads, waist ties, and sleeves. I shortened the hem, realized I cut it too short, reattached the fabric and added some decorative folds to disguise the mistake and shorten it the correct amount. And finally, I created side-seam pockets from the original sleeves.

Red Floral Refash - After

Red Floral Refash - After

More details can be found over at CarissaKnits!

Red Floral Refash - Before & After

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cfortin said...

Cute refashion Carissa. I love it with the yellow accessories.

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