Monday, April 27, 2015

Updated cashmere coat

I suffer from at bit of refashion fatigue right now, but decided to finish the stuff, I had in the just-need-the-last-little-something basket.

I blogged about this coat some months ago. Now I have finally finished it. Lovely red cashmere wool duffelcoat. But I would rather have a simple, fitted coat.

So I took it in.
And made the hood into a collar.
I removed the sleeve straps, the pocket, the loops, and the duffel buttons. I left the leather patches as I think they add viaul interest.

Since there were marks, where the pockets had been attached to the coat, I needed to cover them in some way. I finally decided to use red velvet ribbon. I ironed it on using iron-on interfacing with glue on both sides (it was actually strips of it, that came with a pair of curtains, I once bought from IKEA).

I also put it on at the sleeves to pull the design together.

And now it hangs in my closet untill autumn....

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Refashion said...

I like the new fit of the coat and it is such a great colour
Debbie EOD