Sunday, May 24, 2015

Dress From Ecuador

Here is a dress from Ecuador. It was huge, the sleeves opened at my waist. It was big enough to fit two of me. It was so long, it dragged on the floor. You can't read it, but the word embroidered across the belly says, "Ecuador." It was given to me, as a joke, by my sweet daughter. "I dare you to make something of this and wear it in public." she said.

I made two garments from it; a blouse and a skirt.

First I removed the Ecuador. Unfortunately, that was a waste of time, not only was the word embroidered with a thick needle (leaving unsightly holes), it was drawn on under the stitches with an indelible pen. That part could not be used.
Next I washed and washed the dress, since it had a slight aroma of cat pee. Hey, I could have given up, but I do not shirk a dare. After soaking it in white vinegar and letting it dry in the full sun, it's cleanliness finally met with my approval.

I cut the top off, took it in on the sides and in the back, and hemmed it. Next I dyed it red. After trying it on, I realized it was a little too cropped to meet my standards. I had to add a band around the bottom.

 For the skirt, I took it in on one side  and fashioned an elastic waist band with a casing. I dyed it blue. There is a slit on the side I couldn't take in, so I turned the skirt so the slit is in back.

I love the two pieces separately, but I will never wear them together. I say I won the dare.


g.satansbraten said...

Well done - charge your cheeky daughter a mug of beer for this definitely won dare :-D

I liked the embroidered word 'Equador' across the belly; in my case it would have been just a slight 'wrong spelling' to indicate a very similar 'location' of the globe right on my body ;-) !
Yet: i wouldn't have worn it this way either - constantly reminding me ;-) !!!

LG, Gerlinde

Carissa said...

Oh, you *definitely* won the bet! I love that the blue embroidery stayed blue, even when the top half was dyed red. Such a great contrast! Kudos for sticking with it! The smell of cat pee would been a flat-out "no" from me, dare or not.


jenny_o said...

Two great pieces - like Carissa, I also like that the blue embroidery stayed blue when dyed. That's just so neat.