Sunday, May 10, 2015

Easy earring refashion

 I bought these red, white and blue earrings while thrifting in New York. Of course the patriotic colours made sense in the USA, but they did not suit my Canadian sensibilities. All I kept thinking was, "Wouldn't it be nice if they were all primary colours?" Yellow is my favourite colour, but I can only wear it in small doses, so I thought this would be perfect! It took some doing, but finally I found a yellow nail polish. Then, it was easy! And I think they turned out very pretty. Perfect for spring!

Second nail polish/earring trick (I learned from my mom) if you have sensitive ears that react to the nickle in earrings, you can coat the metal hooks with clear nail polish. And then you are good to wear them! Same with necklaces, or other jewelery you have a reaction to.

1 comment:

Carissa said...

What a great idea! The primary colors will be much more versatile. Thanks for tip about clear polish for sensitive ears too!