Friday, May 29, 2015

From unflattering to much loved!

I bought this little top many years ago in the sales for very little money but never wore it. I liked the  color and quality is very good. The neckline was rather strange with something like a large buttonhole at the front and never felt comfortable. To make it more user friendly I removed the collar, cut out the neckline a bit more and cut the collar as interfacing. Now I wear it back to front and love it!  


whatthesew said...

The change is for the better, and you would never know it was designed to be worn the other way round.

Sandy said...

This is a brilliant save. Wonderful they had the gathers at the back to give room for the bust!
Sandy in the UK

nanasknoll said...

Looks really good-great save.

Therese said...

Thanks for visiting and the lovely comments!

Andrea said...

Great move on turning it around and getting rid of that collar! Much more wearable, and the color/pattern are so cute.

Andrea EOD