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Monday, May 04, 2015

Plus Size ReFashion - Little Pink Skirt

I've said it a million times before - it drives me a little nut-so that Plus Size reFashion tutorials are so hard to come by.  Big girls like to refashion too!  I've made it my business to find/create easy (beginner level) up-size Re-fashions.

For the ladies who are not plus size, sometimes you find a piece that you love, but it's just too small.

I've done other Up-size refashions before.  This is the latest.

I LOVED the fabric on this little (and I do mean little) dress.  Thank goodness that there was enough fabric there for me to turn it into a cute summer skirt!

Here's a link to the tutorial + other Up-Sizing tips!


jennifer elliott said...

Lovely! I did the same exact thing when I found a gorgeous size 3 dress and decided to turn it into a skirt! Great job!

Refashion said...

Lovely skirt! It looks great.

Debbie EOD

Lovenicky said...

This printed skirt looks so lovely on you! I have also refashioned too-small garments into something wearable too!

jenny_o said...

I love seeing up-sized refashions and appreciate the tip on your blog about making even hems for larger behinds!

holly go lightly said...

Lovely, Kathy! I love to see someone sizing up! On a note of sizing down - as a fellow plus-size person, I would like to encourage those who can find clothes more easily to refrain from chopping something down too terribly much if it's lovely on its own but just way too big for them, and something they think they can find easily closer to their size...

whatthesew said...

Hi Kathy
I bought a too good to miss top/dress/beach cover up and didn't know what to do with it. Thanks to your tip I wore it around the house for a day to get inspiration, and it worked.