Friday, May 01, 2015

Punked out Peasant Top

I found this standard black peasant style knit top. It was clearly designed with a very small busted woman in mind, because it covered so little of my chest that it was borderline obscene. :P

This picture really doesn't do justice to the neckline.
I thought that I would just flip the shirt around and have the front be the back, but that brought it's own problem. The now-back now showed the back of my bra. :(

Digging through my fabric stash today, I found the perfect fix.

Skull Lace!
With a little pinning help from my husband (I really, really need a dress form, but they're so expensive), I added a lace panel to the very low back of my shirt with red thread (because why not?). And now I have a much more interesting shirt. :)

New back!

New front.


jennifer elliott said...

Why not use red thread? Looks awesome to me. I've been keeping an eye on a dress form at a local consignment store. I need one too ...

Jennifer Elliott. EOD

Saga said...

Great new detail.