Monday, May 11, 2015

REFASHION: Two easy peasy new skirts

My husband's grandmother recently rummaged through her wardrobe and donated a ton of stuff, but she had a few pieces she couldn't quite give up. Luckily, she knew I refashioned clothes and hoped I would be interested in the few remaining pieces. I saw potential in some of the remaining clothes and snagged them.


The two skirts I snagged were pretty easy to refashion. I kept the original hem on both skirts, hacked off a little more than 12 inches from the top of the skirts, and created a new waistband. I might fiddle around the waistband on the floral skirt because it feels a little big.


For a few more details, click here.

Jennifer Elliott

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Refashion said...

The skirts look good - it would be good to see a picture of them on you :)

Debbie EOD