Tuesday, May 12, 2015

See-Through Shirt Solution

I really liked the fabric in this shirt (it's a rayon knit) and the self-covered buttons on the sleeves.  You can't tell here by the way the light is coming in, but it was tight, thin, and very see-through - you could see the entire outline of the bra. It's a light greenish-blue.
I tried to think of different ways to fix it and in the end I noticed that if you scrunched it up, you couldn't really see through it. I gathered it on the sides, and with two rows of stitching down the front and the back. So then the next step seemed to be to add a skirt and make it into a dress.  I like purple with different shades of blue and green, so that's what I went with.  A few little fabric roses were added to make it seem like the skirt wasn't an afterthought.
Thanks for looking!

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cfortin said...

Very clever and really cute solution.

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