Monday, May 11, 2015

Silky Spots

I attempted to refashion this dress a couple years ago, but it just didn't work out as I planned. I couldn't even get the resulting dress over my chest. So it hung in my refashion closet until I could figure out how to salvage it.

Teal Silky Spotted Top - BeforeTeal Silky Spotted Top - In Progress

In the end, I decided to go simple and make a basic tank top. I used an existing top as a pattern and some bias tape left over from another project as a contrasting facing around the neck and armholes.

Teal Silky Spotted Top - After

You can find more details and photos at CarissaKnits!

Teal Silky Spotted Top - Before & After


Therese said...

Looks much better as a simple top! Well done the second time round.

Klockarbarn said...
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Klockarbarn said...

I agree with Therese. It looks fantastic as a simple top. And with that outfit - looks really nice.

Refashion said...

I agree it works much better as a simple top. Looks lovely

Debbie EOD

g.satansbraten said...

Probably more use as top as well ?

Otherwise - you know already: it's carrying coals to Newcastle = austral. saying for 'owls to Athens' to praise your skills ;-) !

LG, Gerlinde