Saturday, May 02, 2015

Springtime Blouse

I found this shirt for $1.00 but it was too big and I was not crazy for the ruffled peplum, but that didn't stop me from buying it. I thought the pattern was fun and had potential. Although the  refashioned version does not look too much different from the original, it took a lot of steps to achieve this refashion. I first removed the sleeves. Then, I  shortened the shirt by taking it in at the shoulders and at the  sides to fit.   I removed the peplum and finished the hem. Finally the sleeves were  reattached.  Because of the versatility of the shirt, this will be in heavy rotation this season : )


jenny_o said...

Looks breezy and comfortable - very nice job on those alterations. I so dislike taking shoulders up but I'm short-waisted so I should just resign myself to doing it - it makes such a difference.

jennifer elliott said...

I love love love the bright colors and pattern of the tunic. Great refashion.

Jennifer Elliott, EOD