Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ahoy Mates!

Hello refashioners!

It has been a while since I have refashioned or been active on my blog period. A lot has happened. Opening up a lab and getting research started has really taken a lot of my time. Then I took on a sewing commission that really took up my time. I also had a moment with all of my things and realized that I didn't need more clothes (since I refashioned 99 things last year) but I really needed to purge. I have been on a purging in my apartment. So a break was needed.  But I am happy that I am slowly back refashioning

I found these multi-button pants that were not working for me. They were so cute if you only looked at the top portion. So that is what I did- only use the top portion and turn them into shorts. I really need shorts, I struggle to find shorts, either they are way too short or just matronly. So this is something that I will use a lot on the weekends. Here is the finished product... Love them

For more on this refashion, click here.



vintagevogue said...

Hey, someone just gave some pants just like that! Great idea! And you are right about shorts length. I have the same problem with heel height.

cfortin said...

Cute shorts Lauren.

Lovenicky said...

Really cute short! Much better than the pants.