Thursday, June 04, 2015

Flower Yarn

What do you think this "yarn" is made from?
Flower on shirtI didn't LOVE this teal sweater that was given to me;  the color is fun, but the style was a little boring. One day I was wearing the teal sweater while looking at this yummy yarn, when I realized that bam! I should combine the two!  I pulled off my sweater, ignoring a dirt mark on the side and pinned the yarn into a flower shape.  I used clear thread, although I probably could have used just about any color.  It didn't take long to stitch into place and now this boring sweater has a new chapter in life.  (A hand wash only chapter, that's for sure.  I do not recommend starting off with a dirty sweater, but when inspiration comes in a wave, I jump in.)

To find out what this yarn is upcycled from and where I got it, check The Little Moments!

Amy Jo

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jennifer elliott said...

I have the tendency to do the same thing -- jump in with both feet when a brilliant idea hits me. I love the yarn flower -- nice job.

Jennifer Elliott, EOD