Monday, June 22, 2015

Gingham and Lace

In honor of Father's Day today, I thought I would do a little refashion using a men's dress shirt. I didn't want this to be just another men's shirt refashion, so I also grabbed a lace tee I never wear.

Gingham and Lace Blouse - BeforeGingham and Lace Blouse - Before

I used the top half of the lace tee and the bottom half of the men's shirt, but turned around backward so the buttons are in the back now.

Gingham and Lace Blouse - AfterGingham and Lace Blouse - After

I also cut strips from the remnants to make my own matching bias tape and used it to finish the armholes.

Gingham and Lace Blouse - After

See the entire process, as well as lots more photos, at CarissaKnits!

Gingham and Lace Blouse - Before & After


La La Lauren!!! said...


whatthesew said...

This looks really good, and your method eliminates all those awkward shoulder and armhole fitting issues that you get with men's shirts.

Unknown said...

Very Nice!

Give the Cat a Name said...

Super cute style!

Refashion said...

Love it Carissa. Especially like the little touch of the bias on the armhole. Very nice :)

Debbie EOD

Lovenicky said...

Great job! The bias tape on the armhole really make the top super special!

J said...