Monday, June 01, 2015

Mother Knows Best

My mom recently sent me a couple items to refashion: a too-large hot pink polka dot dress someone else had given her and a black and white polka dot tank top she hadn't worn in years. It's as if she knows I have a fondness for polka dots...

Pink Polka Dot Dress - BeforeBlack & White & Lace Tank - Before

For the dress, I cut out the mid-section, took in the bodice, reattached the skirt with some pleats to soak up the extra fabric, and re-used the buttons from the mid-section to close up the bottom slit. And behold, my new favorite dress!

Pink Polka Dot Dress - After

Pink Polka Dot Dress Before & After

Then for the black and white top, I called in reinforcements in the form of this white polka dot lace tank top.

Black & White & Lace Tank - Before

I cut the side seams and shoulder seams on each top and then put the front of one and the back of the other back together! And now I've got a trendy solid-front-lace-back tank top with polka dots all over!

Black & White & Lace Tank - AfterBlack & White & Lace Tank - After

Black & White & Lace Tank - After

For more details and photos of each refashion, visit me over at CarissaKnits!


Refashion said...

Both refashions look great. I like the lace back!

Debbie EOD

Therese said...

Well done two wearable and lovely items!