Saturday, June 13, 2015

Old Onesie to Custom Tee

This refashion is not one for the runways, but was certainly fun and definitely practical.

I swear my son grows nearly an inch every day, and sometimes right before my eyes. He is also a pretty messy eater who refuses even the coolest bibs. Due to this, I had quite a few too-small and quite stained onesies laying around.

I used the fold-and-snip method to cut the sleeves and the bottom portion of the onesie.

Don't forget to snip out those pesky tags while you have scissors in hand!

Now, you could stop here and have yourself a nice pile of white tees for your kiddo (and some scraps for a future pillow).

  But we were feeling adventurous that day so we stuck our tees in a bath of Dylon Bahama Blue dye!

While the blue dye covered up most of the stains on the shirts, it unfortunately did not cover old syrup stains very well.

But this t-shirt and all the others are still wearable. You could technically stop here with the refashion. But since we were still feeling adventerous, I busted out the Tulip Fabric Markers and let the girls go to town.

 And now little brother has some custom t-shirts for wearing for pajamas and wearing around the house. He really loves them and the girls were so happy to make something really cool for their brother!!! We hope you enjoyed this refashion as much as we did. Thank you for reading.

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Elizabeth Hill said...

Such a great idea! Looks like you have some future refashioners on your hands.

- Elizabeth, EOD
aka The Hungry Octopus