Saturday, June 06, 2015

REFASHION: Hello, Doctor Who!

I finally decided to use freezer paper for a few projects. Per my research, a ton of other craft bloggers use freezer paper for many projects. My turn! For my first project, I turned to a simple drawing of the Tardis, freezer paper, and bleach-water spray bottle.


I found a simple Tardis drawing on the interweb, printed it out on paper, and taped it to a piece of freezer paper. All I really needed to do was cut out the outline of the Tardis and poke out the windows.


After cutting out the Tardis on the freezer paper and ironing it on a blank navy blue T-shirt, I slid a cookie sheet inside the shirt to keep the bleach-water combination from seeping to the back. Once everything was in place, I lightly sprayed the top area with the bleach-water combo.


Because I used a light mist, I didn't have to wait too long for the bleach to work its magic on the shirt. I gently pulled the freezer paper off the shirt to reveal a beautiful Tardis! It's so pretty! I turned the shirt inside out and threw it in the washing machine for a quick spin.


For more details and pictures, click here!

Jennifer Elliott

P.S. How many bobbins do you have on hand? I have about 12 sitting in a mug next to my sewing machine -- is that a low number? Too high? I was curious how bobbins other sewists have on hand.


Elizabeth Hill said...

I haven't tried freezer paper yet. Guess I'll have to look into it a join the club one of these days. Very nicely done!

- Elizabeth, EOD
aka The Hungry Octopus

P.S. I have at least 12 bobbins, if not twice that. Can't have too many!

Bailey Mills said...

As a fan of Doctor Who, I heartily approve of this refashion, and am mentally sorting through my wardrobe to figure out which garment I own is worthy of a similar fate. :D

I know I have more than 12 bobbins, because I got 12 with my new sewing machine when I ordered it last year. But they're scattered all about my sewing room, so I honestly have no clue how many I actually own.

Valerie said...

Looks like it's flying among the stars! Neat!

As for bobbins, I own maybe 6 or seven, but I only actively use 3-4, One black, one white, and occasionally a miscellaneous color that I only use for important projects. I'm too lazy to wind a bobbin to match whatever thread I'm using every time, so I just use whatever is the closest similar shade.

Samwise J. said...

I have a small handful of bobbins, but only like 3 are in use. I seem to use black or white thread for everything... Super cute shirt btw! I may have to get crafty with bleach. ~Illy

concretenprimroses said...

Love it. Would be a great gift.

Anonymous said...

Awesome job with the TARDIS! This Whovian approves.
I have 20-odd bobbins!! So that is probably a lot. I try to keep two full of black, white & off-white, because it's so annoying to be 2" from the end of the seam and have to stop to fill a bobbin!! The rest are various colours left from various projects, but they do eventually get used up. So they all get used, but in slow rotation :-)

Em said...

Love this! We don't have freezer paper here in New Zealand sadly, and I haven't found anything else that will do the job well enough.
I only have 3 bobbins for my main machine and 1 for my other machine! Must get more...