Saturday, June 13, 2015

REFASHION: more fun with freezer paper


During a recent weekend between shoving Skittles in my mouth and watching the Twilight (Rifftrax version) movie marathon, I completed four shirts to hang back in my closet. Yay! I took an oversized navy blue shirt, made it more fitted, and painted the state of Wisconsin on it. Once the white paint dried after a few coats, I painted a small red heart near my previous residence.


After watching Jurassic Park -- not Jurassic World -- I decided I wanted a cute dinosaur shirt. I found a super cute baby dinosaur picture on the interweb and cut the shape out of freezer paper. I took an oversized red shirt, made it more fitted, and painted the baby dinosaur on the front. Did my baby dinosaur need an eye and smile? Meh. Not at this time.


On my third shirt, I made it a tad bigger and painted a cute baby narwhal on it. I really want to use the freezer paper method to write: Dear Noah, we could have sworn you said the ark wasn't leaving until 5 p.m. Sincerely, Unicorns. But I haven't mastered the letter yet and I couldn't find a unicorn photo I liked. So, I went with the next best thing: a cute baby narwhal.


For my last shirt, I made it a tad bigger, painted the words "I'm fine," and created a blood splatter on the side. Think about any action movie, and the main character defeating all the bad guys in a battered and bloodied shirt. The shirt is an homage to all my favorite action heroes who don't let a little blood stop them. Thanks, Pinterest, for the inspiration!


For more details and pictures, please click here!

Jennifer Elliott

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Elizabeth Hill said...

I can't decide which is my favorite - baby narwhal or baby dino. Great job!

- Elizabeth, EOD
aka The Hungry Octopus